Ferrari J50 Is One Of The Rarest Sports Cars In The World

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It's one of just ten examples.

To celebrate 50 years of Ferrari in Japan, the Italian marque introduced the J50 back in 2016. This was a special edition of the mid-rear-engine 488 Spider drop-top. With its bolder Targa styling, what also set the J50 apart was its exceptional exclusivity - a mere ten examples of it were made. That's why it's an especially big deal when one of them goes up for sale. That did happen over two years ago and now another example of the rare J50 has been listed for sale. The current one is a 2019 example finished in Nero Daytona with just 692 km (430 miles) on the clock.

Rosso Scuderia Rosso Scuderia Rosso Scuderia Rosso Scuderia

This example is being sold in Minato in Tokyo and is being listed by a Ferrari dealer called Rosso Scuderia in the area. With so few miles on the clock, it's little surprise that it appears to be in mint condition. The same goes for the cabin which is finished in dark leather and Alcantara with the J50 script embroidered into the headrests. It also has carbon-fiber trim, white stitching, and a slim digital readout positioned ahead of the front passenger on the dashboard. It's the exterior styling that is really jaw-dropping, though. The dividing line that runs from the front and through the doors harks back to classic Ferraris like the F40.

Rosso Scuderia Rosso Scuderia Rosso Scuderia Rosso Scuderia

There's more drama at the back with dual-exit tailpipes and a distinctive wing. The 3.9-liter turbocharged V8 engine generates 661 horsepower and allows the J50 to launch itself from 0-62 mph in three seconds. Keep your foot planted and you'll be able to reach a top speed of over 200 mph, and a seven-speed dual-clutch F1 transmission ensures rapid gear changes on the way there.

This special Ferrari is listed at a price of 398 million yen which works out to around $3.6 million. That's obviously a lot of money but considering this J50's unblemished condition and its extreme rarity, it's worth it for those who have the means.

Rosso Scuderia Rosso Scuderia Rosso Scuderia Rosso Scuderia Rosso Scuderia
Source Credits: Rosso Scuderia

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