Ferrari LaFerrari Badly Damaged In Beverly Hills Crash

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Unconfirmed reports suggest the hypercar is owned by Shark Tank star and businessman Robert Herjavec.

Oh dear, it seemingly isn't a good time to be a hypercar owner right now. Earlier this week, we reported on a McLaren Senna that slammed into a wall in Germany just a few hours after it was delivered. The damage didn't look too serious, but the repair bill is estimated to cost nearly $1 million, which is about how much the car would have originally cost. And now a LaFerrari has been wrecked in Beverley Hills.


According to a witness who filmed the aftermath of the crash and posted the video on Instagram, the car was being raced on the streets and the female passenger was ejected during the impact as they were not wearing a seatbelt. However, the Beverley Hills police department confirmed on their Instagram account there were no injuries in the crash, which seems to contradict this. Somehow, it seems unlikely that someone would survive being ejected from a speeding LaFerrari without even a scratch on them.

Unconfirmed reports suggest the car was owned by Shark Tank star and businessman Robert Herjavec, who seemingly lacks the skills required to handle an insanely powerful hypercar at high speed. Unsurprisingly, excessive speed was blamed for the accident. "Speed will put a dent into the weekend fun and the wallet," the Beverley Hills police department wrote on Instagram.


The Italian hypercar appears to have hit a tree head-on. As a result of such a hard impact, the LaFerrari suffered extensive damage and undoubtedly won't be cheap to repair if it isn't deemed a write-off. Both airbags deployed, while the front left wheel appears to have dislodged from the axle, and the entire front bumper has been torn off. Let's hope the car can be salvaged because only 500 LaFerraris were produced.


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