Ferrari LaFerrari Crashes Hard In London

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Another LaFerrari bites the dust.

In another extremely unfortunate case, a crash involving a yellow Ferrari LaFerrari recently occurred in London. There's no word on what really happened and if anyone was injured, but the supercar owner seems to have lost control on the A40, which resulted in the vehicle spinning into oncoming traffic and crashing into the central median. The front left side and rear left side of the supercar appear to have suffered the worst amount of damage. Damage to the supercar looks to be mild and the vehicle should be up and running again in no time.

The LaFerrari had to be towed away from the scene of the accident and this individual managed to get a video of the supercar on the back of the tow truck.

While this damage is extremely mild, it's not the first time a LaFerrari owner has lost control of the supercar. More recently, a LaFerrari owner crashed into a row of parked vehicles in Budapest and other accidents with the supercar have been reported in Italy, Monaco and China. Are LaFerrari owners some of the worst drivers in the world or is the supercar extremely hard to drive? The LaFerrari's 6.3-liter V12 produces 798 hp on its own and gets an electric motor for a total of 950 hp. With that kind of power on tap, it's easy to see why owners are crashing vehicles, but with only 499 units on the road, it's a sad sight to see.

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