Ferrari LaFerrari Replica Is A Fine Effort


A limited-edition ‘hypercar’ that is guaranteed to turn heads.

Malaysia may have its fair share of supercars but it is one of the most expensive countries in which to buy a vehicle of any description, so it is perhaps inevitable that entrepreneurs decide to take things into their own hands.

Like the guy who decided to craft his very own LaFerrari from sheets of steel. Like most projects we have started while having a few too many beers with friends, this one seems to have got off to a good start but there are certain elements that look a little, umm, rushed.

The front was most likely completed first as it definitely has more than a passing resemblance to an actual LaFerrari. The two flashlights taped above the headlight cut-outs in one of the images show that this LaFerrari ‘replica’ is fully equipped to venture out at night too. The sight of it weaving towards you down a dark road is sure to raise your heart rate at least as much as if the real thing was blasting by.

Viewed from the side the creator's vision seems to lose a bit of focus, the unpainted steel doors and grim red interior don’t help much either. It would have to be a very dark night indeed for you to mistake this vehicle for an exotic hypercar from that angle. The rear end redeems things somewhat with a set of twin tailpipes and two round taillights just like you would find on your multi-million-dollar LaFerrari. Well, maybe not ‘just like’ but it is close enough.

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The exact specifications of the powerplant hidden beneath that louvered trunk lid remain a secret (its probably front-engined anyway) which is perhaps for the best, judging by the low-budget nature of the build we would assume that its power output would be a few prancing ponies short of the LaFerrari’s 950 horsepower effort.

This LaFerrari replica may be rather rough and ready, but even in its unfinished state, there is clearly some potential here. With a bit more work and perhaps a coat of paint and some decent wheels, this LaFerrari wannabe could actually turn heads for the right reasons.