Ferrari LaFerrari Successor Development Mule Spied With Massive Rear Wing

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The hybrid hypercar is getting ready for a 2025 reveal.

Ferrari has officially started on-road development of the LaFerrari successor, expected to be revealed in 2024 after four new cars in 2023. In a video by regular supercar paparazzo and YouTuber Varryx, we now have our first look at the new hypercar, internally known as F250; the LaFerrari was codenamed F150.

In the very short video, we see a heavily disguised prototype that is definitely not wearing its final production bodywork beneath the camo. That massive rear wing, for example, is almost guaranteed not to make production in that form and will likely be replaced by an active rear wing that can retract into the bodywork.


Look beyond that huge wing, however, and there's lots to take away from this short clip.

First, the LaFerrari successor will be a hybrid, as denoted by the yellow high-voltage stickers all over the prototype. This should come as no surprise since the LaFerrari was a magnificent proof of concept and has subsequently led to the SF90 Stradale and 296 GTB hybrids, both of which are exceptional.

Another takeaway is the exhaust note, which sounds distinctly like a V12 engine. This is good news, as it means Ferrari will keep the V12 alive, at least for the next generation of halo hypercar, despite also confirming that it is working on an electric supercar.

As for power outputs, we can expect more than 1,000 horsepower if Ferrari wants to significantly differentiate it from the SF90. However, rear-wheel drive may be retained as it was in the LaFerrari.


There are prominent intakes towards the car's rear, low down aft of the doors, and two additional intakes on either side higher up on the bodywork. It's unlikely all of these will be retained, but at this early stage of development, Ferrari engineers will want to have as much airflow as possible to keep the powertrain cool.

Other visible design details we can make out are the taillights - which look to be lifted from the SF90 Stradale and will likely not make production - and a variation of the SF90's headlights with the DRLs moved to the inboard section.

The car's rear looks protracted in a similar fashion to the Daytona SP3, and large diffusers on the rear bumper suggest the vehicle's underside will be heavily influential in its aerodynamic prowess.

We expect to see many more prototypes as the Ferrari F250 nears production, and we will hopefully learn more about it soon. When it arrives, it'll face stiff competition from McLaren, which has already confirmed a P1 successor in the works for the same timeframe.


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