Ferrari Launches Awesome Enzo Museum in Modena

Marking Enzo’s 116th birthday with a smashing collection of Ferrari history.

The city of Modena, Italy and the Ferrari company launched anew museum in the heart of the city yesterday, marking the 116th birthday ofthe company’s founder, Enzo Ferrari. The facility was built around Enzo’s childhoodhome and his father’s workshop, with additional structures built to showcasethe models. The museum is the new home of some of Ferrari’s most important andbeautiful historic models.

The Enzo Modena museum joins the original Museo Ferrari inMaranello, which houses Ferrari’s present and future lineups. The two museumsare close to each other, with combo tickets and shuttle buses allowing visitorsto combine the past, present and future. There will be more than a century’s-worthof Ferrari models packed in to the new building, which is shaped like the hoodof a 1950’s Ferrari race car.

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