Ferrari Lets You Design Your Dream 296 GT3 Race Car For Free

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Online car configurators are usually reserved for street cars. Not anymore.

Ferrari has officially launched the configurator for the 296 GT3 race car, letting you customize your race car in the digital realm.

Following the introduction of the Ferrari 296 GT3 in late July, the configurator for the track-ready model lets you customize the latest racing machine from the Prancing Horse. The GT3 is an exciting machine, as it drops all the hybrid components of the 296 GTB road car, resulting in a power drop from 819 horsepower and 546 lb-ft of torque to 600 hp and 523 lb-ft. The result is a curb weight of just 2,755 pounds, a considerable drop from the 296 GTB's dry weight of 3,241 lbs.

Surprisingly, you can build quite a unique racing car through the multi-faceted configurator. We thought customers would want exposed carbon fiber, the lightest possible carbon fiber wheels, and a giant wing. Job done. But then we played around even more...

Ferrari Ferrari Ferrari

Naked carbon fiber is indeed one of the "Special" options, right alongside Rosso Imola. Other options include basic solid colors like Rosso (red), Blu, Giallo (yellow), and Nero (black). Rubbing is racing, after all. Oddly, you can also add a metallic hue like Blu Corsa or a historical color like Verde British.

Because this is an actual racing car, you can even choose a racing livery. In this case, it's the Spa Launch Livery. Naturally, the livery is an homage to the famous Italian track, but most owners will likely wrap the car in their personalized racing livery after taking delivery.

The 24-Hour Light Package and Yellow Lights are way more important if you plan on partaking in endurance racing or the average track day.

The rims are standard, but you can choose the color of the center lock cap, which is available in Black or Gold.

Ferrari Ferrari

As for the interior, there's not much to choose from. That's to be expected in a car where you can see the welds keeping the vehicle in one piece.

The seats are purpose-built racing seats, available in red or blue racing fabric. You can forget about fancy contrast stitching or massage seats. These seats were designed with one purpose in mind. To keep you in place when facing the severe G forces in a race car. The six-point Sabelt harnesses are available in black, red, and blue, and if you like to chauffeur people around the track, you can add a passenger seat.

Ferrari Ferrari Ferrari

Obviously, the interior is entirely different than the one you'll find in the standard Ferrari 296. It has an F1-like steering wheel with settings for the ABS, traction control, pedal response, and pit lane speed limiter. The buttons are available in Blue, Yellow, or Red. The handgrips can be ordered in Black, Blue, Grey, Red, and Yellow.

Two must-have features for track racing are the Marshalling Display, which will display whether the track is open or if a safety car has been deployed, and a rear-view camera.

Naturally, the configurator doesn't mention pricing. If you have to ask, you probably can't afford it.

Ferrari Ferrari Ferrari

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