Ferrari Loses Bid To Have Dodgy Daytona Replica Destroyed

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But the owner will have to remove the Ferrari badges from the offending car.

If you're going to build a Ferrari replica, make sure you do such a good job of it that even the Italian supercar marque can't help but be impressed. Unfortunately, the same isn't true for this Ferrari Daytona Spyder replica. In fact, the quality of this Daytona build is so bad that Ferrari requested that it be destroyed as it could not possibly be mistaken for the real deal. The Hague Court in the Netherlands has denied Ferrari's lawsuit, though. Officially known as the 365 GTB/4, the car rose to fame upon its appearance in the crime drama series Miami Vice, which began airing in 1984.

Rechtbank Den Haag:Zenger Rechtbank Den Haag:Zenger

The replica in the TV show was based on a Chevrolet Corvette C3. As this particular Ferrari is so well-known, Ferrari was clearly not amused to spot the yellow replica in an online ad sometime last year at a price that worked out to nearly $34,000. It was purchased in the US back in 2018 by a Dutchman who has his own kit car business. Apparently, Ferrari's lawsuit requested recordings that would prove the destruction of the Daytona replica. However, the judges ruled in favor of the owner and declared that enough evidence was provided to show clear differences between the replica and the original. Therefore, the defendant was found not guilty of violating copyright laws.

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The Daytona replica was returned to its owner although he was requested to remove all Ferrari logos from it. Ferrari, perhaps the most revered company in the automotive world, is understandably protective of its brand. The company previously sent a cease and desist letter to Canadian music producer Deadmau5 after he wrapped his 458 Italia in some bizarre graphics. Someone else tried to rebrand a Chevy Corvette C8 as a LaFerrari, although it's not known if Ferrari found out about that misguided creation. But for one fortunate owner of a shoddy Daytona replica, his car lives to see another day.

RM Sothebys RM Sothebys RM Sothebys
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