Ferrari M458-T to Debut at Geneva 2015

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Second model in as many years Ferrari is giving the forced induction treatment to.

After waiting 26 years to make a turbocharged comeback, Ferrari will waste no time following up the California T with another forced-induction Prancing Horse in the form of the 2015 Ferrari M458-T, which Car magazine is reporting will be the name of Ferrari's latest creation. Essentially a facelifted 458 Italia, the new model will come powered by a reworked version of the California T's 3.9-liter twin-turbo V8 developing 670 horsepower, so over 100 horses more than Ferrari's "entry-level" model.

As well as a new powerplant, the refreshed Italia will see some significant design changes to accommodate the turbochargers, new intercoolers and improved braking system. It will also receive restyled bumpers and LED lights as well as enhanced aerodynamics. The M458-T will come fitted with a Harman-Kardon infotainment system as per the Cali T, in addition to a reversing camera. Set to debut at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, look forward to seeing and hearing more of the refreshed 458 Italia in the coming weeks and months.

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