Ferrari Made 812 Superfast Better Than F12 tdf By Turning Down The Intensity

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One sign you're building cars outside the realm of normal human capability: you have to hold back.

You can hate Ferrari's recent naming scheme all you want, but it's tough to reserve any negative sentiments about its cars. The Ferrari 812 Superfast is one such example. Its name, probably a result of the blunt mentality that's abound in Italy, is less than stellar, but the same can't be said about its performance. The basics aren't too dissimilar from the Ferrari F12 and F12 tdf. Twelve cylinders occupying 6.5-liters, no forced induction, just a Pavarotti grade soundtrack, rear-axle steering, and driving bliss.

The best way to think of the 812 is as a final draft of the F12 tdf. According to resident Drivetribe journalist Jethro Bovingdon, that's what this car is. His experience in the F12 tdf was less than pleasing, giving him a number of life or death experiences to add onto his list of stories.

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Behind the wheel of the 812, life is quite a bit different. No longer does this Ferrari spend its time trying to murder its rider. Instead, Ferrari somehow found a way to subdue the nearly 800 horsepower the V12 makes and turn it into useable twist that can be budgeted towards forward momentum or tire-sliding action quite easily. He refrains from calling it a pussycat because it's not, but the overall impression is that Ferrari learned from the F12 tdf's nervous character and decided to turn the volume down from 11 back to 10. That's a compromise we can live with.

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