Ferrari Made Money Last Summer Thanks To Its V8 Supercars


V12-powered models like the 812 Superfast also earned a nice profit.

We don't remember the last time Ferrari has not done well, sales-wise. The Italian supercar company, according to Reuters (via Automotive News Europe), saw its earnings increase by 4.7 percent last quarter (July-September) thanks not only to strong sales across all global markets but also for solid sales of its V8-powered models. For example, V8 Ferraris saw a sales increase of 11 percent, led by the Portofino.

Meanwhile, its V12 cars, led by the 812 Superfast, increased in sales by 7.9 percent. Can't say we're all that surprised by those numbers, but it is yet another clear-cut sign Ferrari buyers aren't always interested in naturally aspirated V12s. Twin-turbo V8s are also more than acceptable.


There was a time not so long ago when enthusiasts were not too happy regarding the loss of the naturally aspirated V8 in favor of the new 3.9-liter twin-turbo V8, which powers both the 488 GTB and Portofino. Could Ferrari, one day, successfully sell a twin-turbo V6? A hybrid powertrain? Chances are likely neither will be a problem.

Ferrari's strong summer sales were also a sigh of relief for investors following the sudden death of former CEO Sergio Marchionne last July. Ferrari's new boss, Louis Camilleri, immediately took over and has since presented investors a plan that calls for 15 new models, including hybrids, special editions and, of course, an SUV, by 2022.


The ultimate goal is to double the company's earnings to between 1.8 million and 2 billion euros that year. Marchionne was the one who not only greenlit the SUV, but also oversaw the highly successful spin-off from parent company FCA in 2015. Those investors had huge confidence in Marchionne and were understandably shaken by his unexpected passing. It's now up to Camilleri to steady the prancing horse's reins (and investors' nerves) over the next several years as his product plan unfolds. Last summer's sales-wise sales can still be attributed to Marchionne.


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