Ferrari Museum by Marchettino

Marchettino visits the Ferrari Museum to document the unprecedented array of Prancing Horse supercars on display.

Following the launch of the new LaFerrari, the Ferrari Museum in Maranello opened an exhibit dedicated to its line of flagship hypercars. We brought you a handful of photos from the museum upon the exhibit’s opening, but supercar videographer extraordinaire Marchettino visited the museum himself – video camera in hand – the do what he does best and document the unprecedented display of Ferrari performance machines first hand. And what a display it is.

Among the cars captured are the FXX, 599XX, LaFerrari, Enzo, F50, F40, 288 GTO, GTO Evoluzione, F40 Competizione, a number of classic 250 GTOs, a 250 LM, a handful of Formula One cars and some prototypes.

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