Ferrari Museum Fetes Supercars

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LaFerrari takes its place among the Prancing Horse hypercars of yore in a special exhibition in Maranello.

The debut of the new LaFerrari at the Geneva Motor Show ushers in a new era of performance even for a marque as steeped in octane as Ferrari. With 950 horsepower and the fastest lap time by far of any roadgoing Ferrari to date on the company's Fiorano test track, LaFerrari eclipses the range-topping supercars that came before it. But that doesn't mean it's without precedent. To showcase the evolution of its flagship line, the Ferrari Museum in Maranello has just opened a new exposition.

On display until September 30, the exposition called "Ferrari Supercar: Technology. Design. Myth" includes LaFerrari as well as the Enzo, F50, F40, 288 GTO and 250 GTO. Also part of the display are the even more extreme track versions, including the Enzo-based FXX, the 599XX Evo, 288 GTO Evoluzione and F40 Competizione, along with a smattering of Ferrari racing cars. In short, it promises to be an unprecedented display of Ferrari prowess, bringing together the very top of its line from over the years under one roof. But if your travel plans don't include a visit to the north of Italy, you can check out the exhibition in these photos.

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