Ferrari Museum's “California Dreaming” Exhibit Celebrates Carmaker's American Connection

Although, obviously, it focuses mostly on California.

Ferrari's fascination with California didn't begin with the current front-engine V8 model. Decades ago, in the low-volume early days of Ferrari road cars, there was a variant of the 250 called the California, built specifically for the US market. And things really took off from there, with movie stars falling in love with the machines, and the state's picturesque highways making for thoroughly enjoyable Italian-style driving.

So the Ferrari Museum in Maranello is celebrating this connection with a whole exhibit dedicated to Ferrari in American motorsport (mostly endurance racing), as well as movies and pop culture. The exhibit features a 512M Le Mans that once belonged to Steve McQueen, as well as all of the cars which have worn the California moniker. There are some concepts and a bit about the technology which goes into cars like the LaFerrari. Photographs copyright Francesco Carlo.

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