Ferrari Navigator Fumes at FXX Driver

Rain or shine, you don't lose your cool with a millionaire customer of Ferrariā€™s Corse Clienti program.

As one of the handful of handpicked clients in the ultra-exclusive Ferrari FXX program, you would expect to be treated with a modicum of respect by the navigators who are on hand to make sure that when a day at the track ends, the 6.2-liter V12-powered developmental prototype is guided safely back to its resting place. This video purports to show otherwise. Taken by Cvdzijden, the clip demonstrates a navigator getting a little heavy handed with a driver who is taking his time backing into a pitbox.

He's probably just having a bad day and the heavy rain isn't making things easier. However slamming the door closed and banging on the hood of a customer's $1.8 million track toy will likely be the navigator's final acts as a Ferrari employee.

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