Ferrari Orgasmatron: XX Ferrari Sound Battle


This 12-cylinder exhaust fetish brought to you by the Ferrari XX Programme.

Asthe sun set over the Mugello Circuit you can hear the sonorous sounds of Ferrari’s mostexclusive models howling at full chat. If this wasn’t enough to activate a gearhead’s libido then consider where they might belong. But really, what wehave here is the perfect excuse for some alone time with a fantastic prancing horse. Luckily for us YouTuber 19Bozzy92 was at the 2015 Ferrari World Finalswith camera in hand to capture the four powerhouse XX Programme models: the FXXK, 599XX, FXX, and the 599XX Evoluzione.

Spouting fire on acceleration and turning brake discs molten, the amountof horsepower on track puts even the most venerable "Forza" lobby to shame.

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What really stands out is each of the XX models differences in driving characteristics; the rawness of the FXX on corner exit compared to the technology-laden FXX K active aero creates a perfect juxtaposition of Ferrari mid-engine flagships. The two on-track variants of the 599 convey the front-rear drive challenges when compared with the other mid-engine siblings. So let your ears experience the "Orgasmatron" of Ferrari V12 perfection.