Ferrari Owner Turns on Pee Prankster

There was no love lost here as prankster pretends to pee on a Ferrari parked in a disabled spot.

Any able-bodied person that parks in a disabled spot deserves a slap. That slap becomes even more deserving when the car park is near-empty. And when the car is a Ferrari, whatever retribution received should be taken like a man - which is the exact opposite of how the guy in this video reacted. Self-proclaimed prankster Roman Atwood happened upon a Ferrari 360 parked in a handicap space and rightly decided to play a harmless pee prank on the owner to teach him a lesson.

As you’d imagine the driver was not best pleased. Even after being shown the water bottle used for the prank, he continues to push and shove Roman like a girl, proclaiming “It’s a f****ng Ferrari!” as if owning a supercar entitles you to act like a cretin. Watch the clip below.

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