Ferrari Owners Have To Deal With Haters All The Time

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It sucks to be a supercar owner (*cough*).

Owning a supercar isn't all sweetness and light. As the owner of this Ferrari F430 has proven previously, both driving around town and parking in public can result in unusual behavior. But nothing comes close to the guy who sacrificed his vanilla soft serve in order to express his jealousy of the beautiful car. Caught on the F430's dash cam, the guy can be seen writing the word "Ass" on the windshield using the ice cream as his ink, before smashing the cone into the driver's window.

This pathetic act of vandalism is something supercar owners have to deal with from time to time. There's no excuse for it, nor is there an excuse for wasting a perfectly good ice cream. We all know who the real asshole is here.

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