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Ferrari Patents New Targa Top Design For First Time In 20 Years

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Does this mean a 488 Targa is on the way?

The last time Ferrari offered a targa top option for one of its supercars was back in 1998, specifically the 355 Targa. Since then, targa tops haven't been used by the Italian automaker, which offers now offers only coupe or retractable hardtop variants for its current mid-engined V8 offering, the 488 GTB and 488 Spider. That could soon change.

AutoGuide has discovered that Ferrari filed a patent for a new targa top design with the European Patent Office. The wording of the patent states that this "Targa Top body" features a "coupe body with rigid roof that is removable and is supported at the front by the upright of the windshield and at the rear by a robust full-width roll bar."

Of course it doesn't sound particularly exciting in engineering-speak, but what's cool is that Ferrari could soon offer this body style once again. The patent application goes on to further state that this targa design would be inexpensive and easy to build, so hopefully it wouldn't add to much to the price tag of an already expensive six-figure vehicle. And yes, the patent images shown here use a Ferrari F430 as a design example. Why the old F430, which even pre-dates the 488's predecessor, the 458? No clue, honestly, but our theory is that Ferrari intends for the targa top to once again be offered with its mid-engined V8 lineup.

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So, a targa-style roof for the 488 GTB? Ferrari, just shut up and take our money. A mass-market targa-style Ferrari hasn't happened for the past 20 years. Yes, there was the ultra-rare 575 Superamerica, LaFerrari Aperta, and the Japan-only J50, but none of them were mass-produced. That's important to point out. The 488, like the Portofino, makes up a good chunk of Ferrari's annual sales. Question is, when will a targa-style 488 be introduced? We wouldn't be surprised to see a debut in early 2019, possibly at Geneva.