Ferrari Plotting LaFerrari Spider?

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Just a handful of units will be made carrying a price tag twice that of the LaFerrari coupe.

While Ferrari initially insisted it would build just 499 units of the LaFerrari, it has since green-lit a handful of track-only experimental XX variants and now there are reports of a limited run of LaFerrari Spiders. Automobile Magazine claims 300 XX cars – a prototype of which has already been spied lapping the Nurburgring – will be built with around 1,050 hp. Ferrari has yet to confirm a Spider variant of the flagship hypercar, but a production run of just 50 cars is also being touted.

The Italian carmaker pulled a similar stunt with the 599, launching 80 convertible models dubbed the SA Aperta. If it does likewise with the LaFerrari, the Spider could come in at twice the price of the $1.2 million coupe, with only Ferrari's most loyal clientele being given the chance to add the ultra-exclusive model to their Prancing Horse-heavy car collection.

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