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Ferrari & Porsche Duel on the Ring

Nurburgring / 19 Comments

458 Italia faces off against 911 GT3 around the most notorious racetrack in the world.

If you're headed to the Nurburgring but aren't bringing your own car, don't worry, because you can rent one there from a company like RSR Nurburg, which has an enviable array of machinery available. They've got everything from a Renault Clio and classic Alfa Giulia to a Nissan GT-R, Radical SR3 and McLaren 12C, all available for lapping the vaunted circuit. To show off two of the more desirable cars in its stable, RSR put together this video showdown between its Porsche 911 GT3 and Ferrari 458 Italia.

Of course they didn't get just anyone to drive them: RSR chief Ron Simmons took to the Ferrari, while Sabine Schmitz climbed inside the same Porsche she uses for hot laps with tourist passengers. The Ferrari has the power advantage, but is the Queen of the Ring's expertise enough to overcome?

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