Ferrari Prances into Shanghai with Exhibition for the Chinese Market

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Ferrari makes news again in China, this time for the right reasons.

Ferrari is finally doing their brand some good in the Far East. Earlier this month, the Italian automaker controversially took their 458 Italia Dragon Edition for some late-night drifting on the Zhonghua Gate Tower in Nanjing. Ferrari blamed a rogue employee, however the damage to their reputation was quite substantial. Ferrari is looking to curb the negative press generated by the failed stunt by setting up an exhibition at the Shanghai Expo Park. The exhibit showcases the company's history, technology and their terrific cars.

"For millions of people around the world, Ferrari represents the pinnacle of Italian culture. It is a symbol of passion, success and the constant pursuit of excellence," said Piero Ferrari, Vice Chairman of Ferrari. "It has always been our wish to share Ferrari's unique history and culture with the people of China who have shown great affection for the Prancing Horse and with whom we share core values such as respect for tradition and a tenacious spirit of innovation." The Greater China region is Ferrari's second largest market as they sold 777 units last year alone.

The year-long, 900 square meters exhibit will showcase Ferrari's involvement in the development of green tech, design, new products and of course, their racing program. They will also have several classics on display, such as the first Ferrari sold in China, the 348 TS.

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