Ferrari President Still inl Favor Of A V8 Formula 1 Engine

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F1's move to a new turbo engine will cost the Scuderia at least €50m, says di Montezemolo.

The battle for the next F1 engine that seems to have been decided in favor of the V6 turbo engine is still not over. At least not for Luca di Montezemolo, the Ferrari president, who in an interview with, claimed that it will cost Ferrari more than €50 million to change from the current V8 2.4-liter naturally-aspirated engines to the V6 1.6-liter turbocharged units. The engine change will take place from 2013 season.

Ferrari, whose cars flourish with multi-cylinder big-volume noisy engines, always objected the move to smaller engines. The FIA motorsport governing body supported the move in order to paint the sport in a greener color. "I'm convinced that the current V8s could still have a use, as they have some room to improve their performance. Making brand-new engines does not seem to be a truly effective cost-cutting measure," said di Montezemolo. During the last few years, Ferrari has transferred Formula 1 technology to its road cars, however most of the aerodynamic developments work on a Formula 1 car are worthless for road cars.

In the past Ferrari transferred transmission technology and electronic controlled differential technology from F1 to production cars. In the near future it will transfer KERS system technology, (an energy recuperation system) to its production models.

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