Ferrari Previews Enzo Successor's 'Hybrid' V12

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A hybrid Ferrari? Yes, but....

A Ferrari hybrid? Before many of you go absolutely nuts over this, allow us to explain things a bit further. First off, any future Ferrari hybrid will be very different from something like a Toyota Prius. But let's do a short technology recap here: Ferrari first began exploring energy saving methods with their Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS), a regenerative braking system that was first used in Formula 1. At the 2010 Geneva Motor Show, Ferrari displayed a green 599 with this system integrated into its powertrain.

This was a clear sign that the Italian automaker planned to offer future road cars with this technology. Fair enough, times change and it's important for an automaker like Ferrari to constantly adapt and evolve. However, reports came out last year indicated that Ferrari was giving up on the idea of adding a KERS system to road-going models, specifically in the upcoming Enzo replacement. Things have now changed yet again as Ferrari has just announced at the Beijing Motor Show that an updated HY-KERS system will in fact be found in the next Enzo, due out next year.

The new hypercar will be powered by a mid-mounted V12 mated to a dual-clutch gearbox coupled to an electric motor. A second electric motor is for the auxiliary systems and is located in front of the engine.

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Ferrari states that the objective of this configuration is to "create a sports car that, when combined with the electric motors, increases power while at the same time reduces emissions." Remember, the goal of something like the Prius has nothing to do with performance, only fuel-saving. Ferrari seeks to combine improved emissions as well as increased power. In other words, we're anxious to see just what a so-called Ferrari hybrid will be like. Chances are, it will outperform the Bugatti Veyron - a stated goal by Ferrari.


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