Ferrari Prototypes Testing at Fiorano

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Ferrari Enzo successor and 458 Monte Carlo prototypes filmed lapping Fiorano. And oh, what a delicious sound they make.

A journalist (not this one) once famously asked old man Enzo which was his favorite Ferrari. "The next one," replied Il Commendatore. And he had a point: for a marque as forward-looking and constantly progressing as Ferrari, the next best thing is always around the corner. So with the 458 Italia and Spider, California 30, FF and F12 Berlinetta already released, what's the next best thing coming from Maranello? If these spy videos are anything to go by, Ferrari has two new projects under development.

One is the successor to the Enzo, a hybrid V12 hypercar expected to trounce just about everything on the road. The second is the successor to the 430 Scuderia and 360 Challenge Stradale before it, a car tentatively dubbed the 458 Monte Carlo and expected to drop some of the Italia's weight and pick up a few extra horses along the way.

Both prototypes were recently spied undergoing testing at Ferrari's private on-sight Fiorano test track. But while you can't really see much of the cars from these brief clips, you can certainly hear them. And man, do they sound awesome.

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