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Ferrari Purists Will Hate This

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For everyone else: Feast your eyes on the BB3X8

Casil Motors specializes in manufacturing exclusive, tailor-made supercars. Its latest creation, in collaboration with Mitchell Button, is the BB3X8. It may sound like a robot from Star Wars but this mean machine is actually the result of what they call the Fuorilegge (that's Italian for Outlaw) Development Program and underneath the Carbon-Kevlar widebody kit lie what remains of a Ferrari 328.

The BB3X8 was developed to offer the perfect mix between analog performance and modern design, every component can be fully customized to each customer's requirements. While Casil Motors refers to this as a modern bespoke customization and restoration service, it is also an artistic interpretation of what a classic Ferrari should look like.

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Aside from that 288 GTO-style bodykit, the display vehicle comes packed with features like a custom air-ride system, bespoke interior trimmed in leather and Alcantara, as well as those stunning Rotiform forged wheels. The naturally-aspirated 3.2-liter V8 has also been thoroughly reworked and now has individual throttle bodies a modern KMS ECU and a custom exhaust system which all combine to produce 400 horsepower at a heady 9,200 rpm. In a car as light as this classic 328, that should make for a very impressive performer.

While this car has a unique gray paint, the exterior can be finished in a bewildering array of colors and Casil will design a bespoke interior that can be anything from a bare-bones track racer to a luxury Grand Tourer.

Casil's aim is to have its customers feeling like they are in the 1980s ordering their ultimate dream car and while this may not be for everyone, we think it looks superb.

Pricing has not been announced but we can only assume that the sheer range of customization options available will result in very different builds with very different values for the 30 lucky customers that the BB3X8 conversion will be offered to.