Ferrari Purosangue Gets Stunning Silver And Green Makeover

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The beautiful color combo extends into the cabin, too.

When the Ferrari Purosangue was announced it was only a matter of time before tuners started working on the hi-po SUV. Carlex Design has revealed what it plans to do with the high-riding Ferrari, creating a custom interior and exterior using a stunning combination of silver and green that was recently applied to a Lamborghini Urus. Maybe a customer has ordered a matching set of performance SUVs?

Using a distinctive shade of green and brushed silver, the two-tone paint job looks pretty fantastic on the Italian SUV, with refined lines and Carlex badges accenting nicely. The wheels, as we've come to expect from the tuner, are big and beautiful and fill the wheel arches almost entirely with barely any rubber to spare.

Carlex Design

Carlex Design is best known for its custom interiors and as you can see below, the Purosangue's interior continues the exterior look, with white and green taking the place of the green and brushed silver. Practically every surface has been transformed with the new colors, starting with the re-upholstered seats featuring white and green leather in a new perforated pattern.

This extended to the door panels and then to the dash which also features a gorgeous dark bottle green Alcantara. The steering wheel is all new too. Everywhere the brand felt it could aesthetically enhance, it did, and the finished product is something to behold.

Carlex Design
Carlex Design

If you're lucky enough to have a Purosangue on order - the waiting list for the SUV is currently two years - then Carlex will do the complete conversion for 61,500 Euros with a 20-day wait time. If you're only interested in the interior, that comes in at 15,000 Euros and can be knocked out in five days. While the exterior is 37,500 Euros and takes 20 days to complete. The wheels are also a standalone option for 12,000 Euros.

Not exactly cheap, but if you can afford the Purosangue's nearly $400,000 price tag, this shouldn't be an issue.

Carlex Design

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