Ferrari Rally Car May Not Be As Mad As You Think

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After all, the FF seemed like a ludicrous idea until it was launched, and an SUV is already on the way.

The current trend among motor manufacturers to search out and sometimes even invent a new niche has seen some rather unlikely vehicles reach showroom floors. Nothing short of a budget Rolls Royce or perhaps a Ferrari rally car would raise an eyebrow in today's market. A few weeks ago, we covered the exploits of Taekang Lee, a 3D modeller from South Korea who showed us his interpretation of what a Ferrari hatchback could look like. Fresh off the back of this he has gone one step further and turned this theoretical model into a WRC rally car.

While the hatchback idea may be stretching things a bit - after all, there is the Alfa Romeo brand on hand to take care of that category- a Ferrari rally car is not quite as far-fetched as you may think. Way back in the '70s and '80s the 308 GTB was converted into a Group B racer and the twin-turbo 288 GTO was designed specifically for a Group B Circuit Race series which sadly never materialized.

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Lee's interpretation takes inspiration from the modern rallying scene and his rally car features the exaggerated rear wing, roof scoop, wide arches and aggressive front spoiler found on the current generation of WRC competitors. Love it or hate it, the design is merely showcasing Taekang's 3D skills for now, but with a new CEO and Chairman at the helm who knows which direction they might end up taking the brand. If they ever were to return to the rallying scene, we hope it would be in a wholly new category that could cater for their rear-wheel-drive supercars rather than a hypothetical hatchback.

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