Ferrari Recalls Every Car Since 2005, Cybertruck Won't Be Cheap, Polestar 3 Details Leaked: Cold Start

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Our roundup of the weekend's most pertinent automotive news also tackles a new braking innovation and interesting details on the Toyota Tundra.

Good morning, and welcome to both a new week and a new edition of our automotive news recap, Cold Start. Since our last roundup on Friday, we've learned that there will be a faster version of the Audi RS6 soon. We've also discovered that the Subaru Outback is the only midsize car to pass a new IIHS safety test and the first Rimac Nevera customer car has been delivered as McLaren starts modifying the classic SLR for its richest customers.

But this morning, our focus lies with braking innovations from Brembo, new information on the Toyota Tundra, and a Ferrari recall that affects almost every car made in Maranello since 2005. We also take a look at new Tesla Cybertruck developments and leaked information on the upcoming Polestar 3 EV.


Brembo Set To Revolutionize Braking

In your typical, hydraulically-actuated braking system, sudden force being applied to the brake pedal while traveling at speed results in a vibration through the pedal. As you may know, this is the anti-lock braking system at work. That vibrating sensation is the result of the caliper forcing the pads onto the discs and off them again suddenly, numerous times per second. But with a new system from Brembo called Sensify, the hydraulic system has all but been deleted in favor of an electronically controlled one that can not only act up to 25% quicker but can also remove the vibration. How? Well, the new system can accurately mete out precisely the right amount of force to slow each individual wheel as much as is physically possible, which makes for a safer and smoother braking experience.

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The Toyota Tundra Could Have Had A Diesel

When the all-new Toyota Tundra was unveiled, it arrived as a truly new vehicle. Along with coil spring suspension, the truck added turbocharging and hybridization to its repertoire, but this wasn't always the plan. In fact, the vehicle's chief engineer was adamant that the truck needed a diesel engine, but after sending his underlings away to determine the viability of such a thing many times, it became clear that diesel (or a V8) could not be made viable. Finally, his staff asked why he wanted diesel, to which he responded that the torque of such an engine is imperative. Thankfully, the hybrid system has been able to more than make up for not having a diesel engine option, turning the engineer into a believer. Let's hope that the hybrid will offer the same reliability.

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Ferrari Recalls Almost Every Car Made In The Past 17 Years

Even supercar manufacturers make mistakes, and Ferrari is the latest to announce a recall. This concerns a brake fluid reservoir cap that may not vent correctly, leading to a vacuum. Obviously, this could seriously hinder braking performance. Thankfully, it's an easy issue to remedy, but what's more challenging is fixing all of the affected cars, as this recall concerns almost every car made since 2005. That's around 20,000 cars, a rather large number for a niche automaker such as Ferrari. Among the affected models are the Ferrari F430, the 612 Scaglietti, the F12berlinetta, and the California. More modern metal like the Roma and F8 is affected too, and even limited editions like the LaFerrari and 2016's F60 America are noted.

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2019-2020 Ferrari 488 Pista Wheelspin Ferrari

Tesla Cybertruck WON'T Cost Under $40,000

Cast your mind back to 2019 and the reveal of the Tesla Cybertruck, in prototype form. At the time, the world was a very different place. COVID had not reared its ugly head, semiconductor chips and other materials were available in abundance, and there was no war in Ukraine. But all of these factors and more are now a real part of life, which has forced Tesla CEO Elon Musk to announce that the Cybertruck will not be sold from under $40,000, as originally planned. Couple the aforementioned factors with inflation, and the news is no surprise. However, both Ford and Chevrolet have launched their own electric pickups, and both can be had for under $40k. Let's hope the Cybertruck's new pricing doesn't exceed that too much.

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2023 Tesla Cybertruck Rear View Tesla

Leaked Polestar 3 Details Show It Will Be A True Tesla Rival

We close with news from Scandinavia. Details on the upcoming Polestar 3 have been scant thus far, but last week, a new report from a Dutch publication revealed that the new Swedish EV will measure 193 inches in length with a width of 77.5 inches. This sizing indicates that the Polestar 3 will have a very similar footprint to that of the Tesla Model X. Unfortunately, we do not yet know how they will compare in terms of performance, but we expect that Polestar won't hold back. For reference, the Long Range Model X can do up to 381 miles on a single charge, and as much as 512 horsepower and 671 lb-ft of torque is available with the Performance model.

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