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Ferrari Restores Rare Le Mans Racer To Its Former Glory

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Storied 275 GTB/C had a troubled history to sort out.

Have a classic that needs restoration? There have to be hundreds of companies around the world that can do the job. But if the car in question is a vintage Prancing Horse, you might want to send it back to the factory's Ferrari Classiche division.

That's what the owner of this rare 1966 Ferrari 275 GTB Competizione did, and to read the account in The Official Ferrari Magazine, it was anything but a simple and straightforward job to bring it back to its former glory, when it finished second in class at Le Mans.

The followup to the long-running 250 series, the 275 remains one of the most iconic of classic Ferraris. Some say it's every bit as good to drive as the 250 GTO, but in relative terms, was produced in far greater numbers. The Competizione model, however, is a different beast altogether.

Ferrari only made a dozen of these, and they remain highly sought after. This one was completed in Maranello just four days before Le Mans, where it performed admirably at the hands of the famed Ecurie Francorchamps. It went on to win the Mont Ventoux hillclimb but then crashed at the Nürburgring.

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Ferrari's longtime coachbuilding partner Scaglietti rebuilt it, but not for the last time. Over the subsequent years, it was repaired and modified several times over, repainted along the way from its original yellow to red and then silver before Ferrari Classiche was tasked with bringing it back to its original condition. The bodywork, engines, suspension, brakes, gas tank, oil pan, exhaust, wheels, tires, interior... everything had to be repaired or replaced, and we doubt it was an easy job. But with so few of these made, we're glad they put in the work.