Ferrari Roadblocks Lancia Stratos Revival

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Ferrari is trying to block production of the new Lancia Stratos. As of now, Lancia is looking for new non-Ferrari suppliers to produce its reborn Stratos.

Just as the Lancia Stratos seemed to be heading for a limited production run, Ferrari has quickly jumped in and hit the brakes. Lancia claims that they had already acquired 40 prospective buyers from Europe and abroad for their New Stratos, which would have used the Ferrari F 360 or F 430 as a basis. According to the New Stratos website, "Ferrari does not consent to construction of the planned limited run by either Pininfarina or any other Ferrari-dependent suppliers."

Pininfarina (who built the one-off Stratos) has informed Lancia that they would not build or supply a body for a new model without the express consent of Ferrari. Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo's assessment of the New Stratos after his test drive at Fiorano was nothing short of complimentary, however Ferrari has changed their mind on the allocation of the Ferrari body. Lancia (and backers Michael and Maximilan Stoschek) have decided to go out on their own and search for a new non-Ferrari supplier. The latest update given on their website is that 'appropriate contacts are being made at this time.'

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