Ferrari's F1 Clienti Is The World's Ultimate Used Car Buying Program

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Where else are you going to find a grand prix-winning Ferrari listed for sale?

Rightly or wrongly, some circles of society do strongly cling on to the belief that the negative connotations associated with buying used cars are undisputed facts. Whether it's the sleazy salesman stereotype or the worries over reliability, there are concerns that quite a few people have. It's pretty safe to say, though, that extremely wealthy people don't really harbor such doubts about buying vehicles that aren't brand new - especially when, as CNET's Roadshow handily demonstrates, it gains you access to the uber-exclusive F1 Clienti initiative.

Selling discontinued Formula One cars isn't something new or exclusive to Ferrari. Even before the F1 Clienti program began in 2003, the firm was selling its old racers to dedicated customers who could write out a large enough check, and a handful of Williams' old F1 cars are privately owned.

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However, what makes F1 Clienti so special is that Ferrari will still meticulously look after your wild single-seater if you're not brave enough to maintain a delicate racing car on your own. You could cynically mean it's so Ferrari can still keep its greatest hits at Maranello, but we'd prefer to see F1 Clienti as an initiative that'll guarantee some of the finest Formula One cars of all time will remain in full working order. Though its troubles in this year's F1 Championship may suggest otherwise, Ferrari does genuinely know what needs doing to keep a racing car at optimum mechanical health.

Only Ferrari's most talented and experienced technicians can maintain these wonderful machines, and only then when they've been trained to properly handle the bespoke tooling and components for the clients' respective cars. Even tires that are period correct to the individual cars are stored in the same facility. Of course, such a service probably isn't included in the the multi-million dollar price, but only the most foolish of affluent Ferrari enthusiasts would turn down the offer of having your legendary track toy looked over by the F1 Clienti personnel.

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