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Ferrari's Insane Track Monster Is Already Sold Out

All 799 examples of them.

The Ferrari F12tdf is the automaker’s latest attempt atgiving extremely wealthy enthusiasts the ability to scare the crap out ofthemselves on the track. With its naturally aspirated 6.3-liter V12 producing 770hp, 62 mph passes by at 2.9 seconds with the car accelerating onto a top speed of 211 mph. That’sextremely fast for a supercar. Apparently, all 799 units of theF12td have been accounted for. While Ferrari has yet to release an officialprice for the supercar, the automotive outlet states that a base F12tdf startsat roughly $329K in Europe.

While that figure is nothing to sneeze at, it’s on the lowerend of the ranges that we’ve seen with other outlets claiming the supercarstarts at $513K. Despite the lofty base price of the F12tdf, we expect the priceof the supercar to rise to a ridiculous amount of money within a few years. It’shard to believe that the supercar sold out in less than two months, but theF12tdf will go down in history as one of the most powerful naturally aspiratedcars the automaker has ever created. Being able to say that you own one of themost powerful Ferraris in the world is worth every penny.

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