Ferrari's Next Turbo Model Will be the 458 Successor

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Say goodbye to those wonderful naturally aspirated V8s.

Ferrari's announcement of making the switch from naturally aspirated engines to turbocharging wasn't greeted with enthusiasm by everyone. Because of increasing emissions regulations, Ferrari, like nearly all other brands, had to find some way to continue achieving supercar performance while improving fuel economy. Naturally aspirated V8s and V12s weren't the answers, nor was converting the entire lineup to hybrids.


Yes, the LaFerrari is a hybrid, but only for the purpose of creating extra power; its eventual successor will likely also be turbocharged. So aside from the newly launched California T, the next turbo model we can expect from the Italian automaker is the 458 successor. It's already begun early development testing, as proven by our recent spy shots. As with the California T, Ferrari has promised virtually none to zero turbo lag. The 458 successor will likely have a twin-turbo engine, like the McLaren 650S. But still, this means that the 458 Speciale may just end up being the last of Ferrari's naturally aspirated V8-engined models.

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