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Ferrari Sales Are Up Because People Love V12 Engines

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A V8 engine is nice, but nothing beats a V12.

Even without an SUV in the lineup, Ferrari has continued to exceed sales expectations. So far in 2018, Ferrari sales figures have enjoyed a 13% rise in first-quarter adjusted core earnings, according to a report by Reuters. Ferrari's sales figures can likely be attributed to the popularity of V12 models, which helped boost the company to strong sales numbers back in 2017 as well. Deliveries of the 812 Superfast likely have something to do with the sales increase, now that the car is starting to reach customer hands in the US.

Typically when an automaker like Ferrari or Porsche reveals a new car, it takes a considerable amount of time before it arrives on US shores thanks to all of the emissions checks. The wait for the 812 Superfast didn't seem to have hurt Ferrari too badly, because the company posted earnings of 272 million euros ($326 million) in the first quarter of 2018, during which time profit margins rose from 29.5% to 32.8%. Ferrari was also able to decrease its debt and increase global deliveries by 6.2% to 2,128 cars. As we mentioned, the heavy demand was pushed by a 24% increase in sales of V12 models, namely the 812 Superfast.

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The 812 Superfast replaces the F12 Berlinetta as Ferrari's flagship model. The V12 has been increased to 6.5-liters and now produces 789 horsepower. No wonder why buyers are currently flocking to it. Meanwhile, Ferrari says V8 model sales were in line with the first three months of 2017, which proves that a V12 is tough to beat.