Ferrari Says "No" to Sedan, SUV and Entry-Level Model

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"You have to always know if you want to cook pasta or fish," says Ferrari's chairman.

If there's one pronouncement we've heard time and time again from the gates at Maranello, it's that Ferrari will not expand into new segments. The Prancing Horse remains committed to sportscars, and sportscars alone. Although rivals like Aston Martin, Porsche and Lamborghini have toyed with the idea of sedans, SUVs and entry-level models to varying degrees, Ferrari chairman Luca di Montezemolo reiterated that his company will not be following suit.


"You have to always know if you want to cook pasta or fish," said Montezemolo in a recent interview with Germany's Auto Motor und Sport. It's a statement that was somewhat contradicted with the launch of the California, which branched Ferrari's model line into more accessible territory. The FF also charted new waters for the brand. But that's apparently as far as Ferrari is willing to go. Nor should they have to build anything other than supercars. By allowing Maserati to produce more affordable and diverse offerings like the Quattroporte and upcoming Levante SUV, Ferrari can stay true to its purpose. And that purpose is to build sportscars.

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