Ferrari Says V12 Engine Is Perfect For The Purosangue

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"It was the right option for the market."

What is perhaps the world's most anticipated SUV was recently confirmed to have a very special engine. Yes, it's official: the Ferrari Purosangue will sport a wondrous V12. We've previously speculated about the number of cylinders under the hood and, while we're delighted to know the Urus rival will arrive with a 12-pot, it is an interesting decision on the Prancing Horse's part.

After all, the brand has taken to downsizing; the 296 GTB gains motivation from a V6, for example. But there's a method behind this madness. Company CEO Benedetto Vigna told Reuters the automaker "tested several options, [and] it was clear that the V12, for the performance and driving experience it could provide, was the right option for the market." The chief executive didn't divulge any further details.

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2018-2021 Ferrari 812 Superfast Engine

The introduction of a V12 SUV is very interesting. One of the reasons Ferrari has pivoted toward smaller powertrains in recent years is due to emissions legislation. The similarly-engined 812 was culled for this very reason. The decision to shoehorn a 12-cylinder under the sculpted hood of the Purosangue could be to establish an even more prestigious image when compared to rivals.

SUVs such as the Lamborghini Urus and Aston Martin DBX707 can only offer customers V8 power and, while they're mightily fast, they can't match the status of a V12. Interestingly, the Gaydon-based brand chose not to fit the DBX with a 12-cylinder engine. Then-CEO Tobias Moers told CarBuzz that "weight distribution was a problem" when we asked about the decision to go with a V8 engine. Ferrari clearly doesn't have the same problems.

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Despite confirming the availability of a V12, it's unlikely to remain the only engine available in the Purosangue lineup. We expect a turbocharged V8 to follow, along with a more eco-friendly hybrid derivative. Deliveries of the brand's first-ever SUV are expected to commence in 2023, just in time for the updated Urus to arrive.

What we're looking at might just be the last of its kind; only Rolls-Royce and Bentley offer SUVs with 12-cylinder configurations and it's very unlikely that either will be replaced with a similarly powered successor: Rolls-Royce is aiming to be fully electric by 2030.

Once the Purosangue arrives, the Urus and DBX won't have their way with the high-performance SUV market. The brand image is strong and adding an SUV to the equation only means the ultra-rich will flock to Ferrari dealers in their droves.

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