Ferrari Sees Gold in Mexico

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Both China and the US are big markets for Ferrari, but the automaker's North American CEO predicts Mexico will soon be another sales hotspot.

China and the US may currently be seen as the most profitable countries for supercar makers to sell their products, but Ferrari's North American CEO believes there's gold to be found south of the US border. According to a report from Forbes, Marco Mattiacci stated that he anticipates massive growth within the Mexican auto manufacturing industry in the coming years due to dramatic "wealth creation and an increased appetite for industry from investments abroad."

This does not mean, however, that Ferrari has any plans to set up shop in Mexico but when there's business expansion in a country, people are going to become rich and they'll be anxious to spend. Along with high quality schools, a new government that's introducing many reforms and its close proximity to the US, Mattiacci sees huge sales potential in Mexico. In fact, there's a list of 15 Mexican millionaires and billionaires who've expressed interest in buying the new $1.5 million LaFerrari. When the Enzo debuted back in 2003, that level of interest didn't exist there.

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