Ferrari SF90 Looks Way Better As An F40 Revival

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100% bedroom poster-worthy.

Early last year, the rumor mill churned out one particularly juicy piece of uncorroborated hearsay: that some of Maranello's finest were hard at work on a spiritual successor to the legendary Ferrari F40, dubbed the "F40 Icona". The car was expected to utilize a Formula 1-inspired, KERS-boosted twin-turbo V8 with somewhere around 1,000 horsepower.

Fastforward a year and a half, and we have yet to see any real, substantial evidence that such a hypercar is incoming. But we do, however, have this: a rather sultry rendering of a Ferrari SF90 Stradale-based F40 successor dubbed the "SP42".

futurecarsnow on Instagram
2020 Ferrari SF90 Stradale Forward Vision Ferrari
2020 Ferrari SF90 Stradale Front View Ferrari

The rendering, uploaded to Instagram recently, is the work of Future Cars Now. It features the F40's singularly wedge-like profile, its upper and lower air inlets just ahead of the rear wheels, and best of all, its iconic fixed, elevated rear wing. Up front, it borrows very little of the Ferrari SF90's pointy, overwrought styling, ditching its overbaked front fascia for something a bit more conventional-looking, and trading its arrow-shaped headlights for some simpler, more classic-looking units.

The SP42 is nowhere near as wild and dramatic-looking as the other modern-F40 rendering we've seen from artist Samir Sadikhov. That car was the very definition of overwrought, with a dramatically pointed, almost gothic-looking nose, humongous wheel arches, and big, gaping air inlets all over the place. This rendering from Future Cars Now is comparatively tame and classic-looking. We quite like it.


The Ferrari SF90 Stradale, named in honor of the Scuderia Ferrari racing team's 90th anniversary, is a bonkers plug-in-hybrid hypercar that couples the F8 Tributo's twin-turbocharged V8, bored out to 4.0 liters, with three electric motors running off of a 7.9-kWh battery. Peak combined output is rated at 986 horsepower - more than twice the F40's 477 horsepower, and a perfectly sufficient amount for the legendary car's spiritual successor.

Yet as much as we want the rumors of a modern-day F40 to be true, they are, more than likely, little more than wishful thinking. Oh, well. At least we have this rendering to drool over.

Samir Sadikhov
Samir Sadikhov
Samir Sadikhov
Source Credits: Future Cars Now

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