Ferrari SF90 Stradale Transformed Into GT3-Style Racecar For The Road

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Yours for just $90,000 - excluding the car, of course.

If you've got a Ferrari SF90 sitting in your garage, it's safe to say that life's treating you pretty well. Powered by a 4.0-liter V8 (and three electric motors) this Italian thoroughbred wraps 986 horsepower in one of the most beautiful shapes to ever leave Maranello. In short, it's a hugely desirable motorcar.

But that hasn't stopped the world's tuners from trying to improve Ferrari's recipe. Novitec recently had a go, handing the SF90 plenty of carbon fiber and 1,094 hp. Now it's the turn of Ryft who have added carbon fiber aero enhancements to the sensual bodywork and fitted a set of stunning forged wheels, to name a few of the upgrades.

Before we delve into that, let's look at the inspiration behind this wheeled wonder. Ryft says the "SF90 Competition" is influenced by the style of the 488 GT3 competition racecar and its functional aerodynamics. As such, the idea for a road-going SF90 GT3 was born.

RYFT/Instagram RYFT/Instagram RYFT/Instagram

Let's start up front, where you'll immediately notice the prominent front splitter. Like everything else on this SF90, it isn't just for show. Ryft has repositioned it at a more aggressive angle to generate additional downforce. The component has a raised center section that forces air under the vehicle. This, explains the tuner, creates a "vacuum effect under the car" and improves downforce.

The fender vents are a neat touch and, combined with the titanium mesh inserts, solve a rather pesky problem for SF90 owners. According to Ryft, the SF90's wheels act "as propellers to extract hot air and reduce turbulence from the wheel wells." Most of the company's clients elect to fit aftermarket wheels, and lose this function. The vents are an elegant solution, allowing air pressure to escape.

RYFT/Instagram RYFT/Instagram RYFT/Instagram

The distinctive side skirts also play a big role in improving stability. The design actually pays tribute to another iconic Ferrari, the Scuderia Spyder 16M. This ultra-rare Prancing Horse was available with exposed carbon fiber skirts, and Ryft has incorporated that look here.

Again, it serves an important purpose - these lightweight items reduce the amount of high pressure on either side of the SF90, resulting in less air spilling underneath the vehicle. The rear is, perhaps, the most dramatic part of the overall design. Ryft has created a two-piece wing that works with Ferrari's active aero.

In "High-Downforce" mode, the active spoiler can create around 860 lbs of downforce at 186 mph. Elsewhere, the custom rear diffuser provides greater aerodynamic efficiency thanks to the larger strakes. Even the roof has been modified; look closely and you'll see a double bubble design, fashioned entirely out of carbon fiber.

RYFT/Instagram RYFT/Instagram RYFT/Instagram

Ryft makes no mention of improved power and torque figures but a titanium exhaust system is available. Then again, it's not like the SF90 needs more power - in fact, it looks like some owners can't even handle the stock outputs.

If you're wondering what something like this will cost, be prepared to fork out copious amounts of money. The kit itself starts at $90,000 (excluding the car, of course) but if you want to purchase a completed vehicle, Ryft will sell you one for a cool $601,295.

Purists may disagree with the idea of modifying Italian supercars. But, like Zacoe Performance's take, this is one of the more appealing examples we've seen. It's far more tasteful than Mansory's idea of the perfect SF90.

RYFT/Instagram RYFT/Instagram RYFT/Instagram

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