Ferrari SF90 Versione Speciale Shows Off Production Bodywork Under Fresh Camo

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An official reveal for the racier SF90 is expected imminently.

A more hardcore version of the Ferrari SF90 Stradale, the Versione Speciale model, has been spied out in the wild with its heavily camouflaged production body. This follows a number of early prototype sightings last year. One of four new cars expected by the Italian marque before the end of the year, pretty much every panel has been covered in a camo wrap, but there was simply no way for Ferrari to conceal the enormous rear wing, which is the key feature separating this version from the standard SF90.

Although the high-mounted dual tailpipes are still there, the rear design has a more aggressive overall look, from the tweaked taillights to the diffuser lower down. In front, a new bumper and S-duct hood were also partially visible, especially on a different prototype in blue spotted earlier in the video below.


Five-spoke wheels clad in what is expected to be specially-developed rubber can also be seen, but it's the aerodynamic upgrades that should most influence the driving character and performance of the SF90 Versione Speciale.

The large wing should improve stability and handling, especially at higher speeds, making this SF90 even more suited for track use. As for the S-duct hood, that promotes downforce over the front axle, further creating a more buttoned-down sensation from behind the wheel.

Being an even racier variant of the SF90, we expect the VS to have even more power, but bear in mind that the regular SF90 Stradale already makes a whopping 986 horsepower combined.

In the Stradale, that 986-hp output comes from a combination of the 3.99-liter twin-turbocharged V8 and three electric motors, with two of those motors in front. It will hit 62 mph in 2.5 seconds and reach a top speed of 211 mph. If Ferrari can squeeze another 14 hp out of the VS, it'll hit 1,000 horses, and that alone would give it plenty of bragging rights.


The extra downforce generated by the aerodynamic tweaks should also shave a few precious seconds off the supercar's lap time; already, the standard Stradale set a record time of one minute and 19 seconds around Ferrari's Fiorano test circuit. It's likely that the increased use of lightweight materials will make the VS even lighter than the Stradale, which has a dry weight of 3,461 pounds.

We expect the new Ferrari SF90 Versione Speciale to debut this year. Ferrari has teased the first of four new supercars for a reveal in just a few days, and the SF90 Version Speciale is one of the frontrunners in our speculation of what model it might be. If it is, then the camo could be peeled back later this week.


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