Ferrari SF90 Versione Speciale Spied With Enormous Wing

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2023 can't arrive soon enough.

Ferrari's first plug-in hybrid (and first series production hybrid) has been a winner since it debuted. The 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 arrived in the SF90 Stradale as the most powerful ever fitted to a Fezza with 769 horsepower, but then Maranello upped the ante by adding three electric motors for a total of 986 hp. You'd think that would be plenty, but as tuners have demonstrated, there are those who crave even more power. To meet their requirements, Ferrari is working on a more hardcore version of the SF90 that features significant design changes and, presumably, more power. Our spy photographers have now captured two prototypes of this new 'special version,' one of which has spawned a huge rear wing.

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The car is rumored to be called the SF90 Versione Speciale, but we think that Ferrari will come up with something else. The term Versione Speciale was first let slip in a conversation pertaining to what would ultimately be named the 812 Competizione, so we suspect that Ferrari uses that name simply for special editions of any existing project.

Some unconfirmed reports have claimed that these SF90 test mules are internally known by the codename F173VS, but this confirms little. The standard SF90 has the code F173, naturally. Either way, the prototypes you see here feature a deeper front splitter, additional intakes in the front bumpers, unique wheels, and a large vent in the front hood. But for the first time, we also see a huge rear wing.

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Each of the SF90 VS models we've spotted so far has been draped in numerous sponsor decals advertising the wares of Rotiform, Sky, and others. This could suggest that we're looking at a track special that is not intended for road use, hence the massive appendage on the rear end.

Typically, Ferrari has only ever fitted such ungainly aerodynamic upgrades to Competizioni GT and one-make Corse Clienti race cars. The windshield banner also proudly displays the Instagram handle of Ferrari Races, the account dedicated to the above racing programs.

On the other hand, these decals and banners could be there in an attempt to throw us off.

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These images were captured on and around the Nurburgring. While Ferrari has its own Fiorano test track, that facility has smooth asphalt and very little in the way of elevation changes, which means that it doesn't comprehensively evaluate everything a road car could experience.

The Nurburgring is far more diverse with camber changes, altitude variations, and a nonuniform surface, but this does not confirm that we're seeing a special edition for the road. We've also spotted another prototype without a wing. Perhaps Ferrari is building both a dedicated race car and a roadgoing special edition, but we probably won't know the truth for some time. The Purosangue SUV is Ferrari's immediate priority, and the special version of the SF90 is only expected to debut next year. We'll keep you up to date as we learn more.

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