Ferrari Showcases Supercar Chassis in Paris

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The next Enzo may not be ready to show off just yet, but that doesn't mean Ferrari can't drop some hints.

While McLaren may have been stealing the bulk of the attention in the hypercar segment with the release of the new P1 in Paris, Ferrari didn't come empty-handed. Though the successor to the Enzo isn't quite ready to show off just yet, Ferrari did unveil the carbon-fiber tub that will form the backbone of the upcoming supercar's chassis. Derived from its Formula One racing technology, the carbon tub will underpin the "upcoming limited-edition special series", as Ferrari calls it.

The Maranello-based supercar company claims the new chassis to be not only 20 percent lighter than the one around which the Enzo was built, but it's also 27 percent more rigid and 22 percent stiffer. Those are improvements we can get behind, but we're still salivating at the thought of the assuredly otherworldly performance of which the Enzo successor will be capable.

We already know we're looking at a further evolution of Ferrari's V12 engine design, mated to a HY-KERS electric boost similar to the one Ferrari showcased on the 599 HY-KERS concept and based, once again, on the technology it developed for its F1 cars.

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When it does hit the road, it'll join the latest crop of hybrid supercars alongside the Porsche 918 Spyder, Jaguar C-X75 and most likely the McLaren P1 (whose powertrain details have yet to be revealed). Just which comes out on top, however, will surely be the question of our time in terms of supercar supremacy.

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