Ferrari Speeds Its Way Into India

Ferrari has officially made its debut in India. In doing so, it's staking a claim in the growing international market for luxury sports cars, making India its 58th stop and destination. The dealership is quite impressive in size. With over 500 square meters of floor space on two levels, many Ferrari aficionados may find themselves pleasantly trapped in this enormous showroom.

In a country which has a population of over 1 billion people, with the vast majority living in very difficult economic situations, Ferrari will have to exclusively target that small percentage who can afford high-end luxury sports cars. Before the power brand entered India, they already had a client base of 50 in the country. 50 clients, yes you read that correctly. If Ferrari truly plans to make a distinct mark in India, they must expand sales to an increasing demand for luxury items. Ferrari dealerships have a lot of miles to cover here.

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