Ferrari Tailor Made's Latest Creation Is A Brown Roma GT

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Is a brown supercar a good idea?

Every high-end supercar and luxury barge manufacturer has some sort of customization program. Ferrari's is called Tailor Made, and it loves to share these tailor-made creations with the world. Essentially you can have every color under the sun, apart from pink.

The green and gold 812 Superfast Ferrari shared last year was a beauty, but we're not so sure about Tailor Made's latest creation. It's bound to split opinions because brown cars always do. Whether you like brown as a color is irrelevant, as our research into choosing the right color for your vehicle shows that it's a prevalent color in specific segments.

But brown paint for a Ferrari Roma? If you're going to buy a supercar, at least have it in a vibrant color that everyone can enjoy.


There is some method to this madness, however. "The warmth and depth of brown and copper tones were the inspiration for the sophisticated elegance of this Tailor Made Ferrari Roma," the famous Italian brand stated on its Facebook page.

When describing Ferrari's current range, "elegant" isn't a word that pops up immediately. But the Roma was Ferrari's most sensible car until the all-new Purosangue made its debut earlier this year - if you can call a 715-horsepower SUV sensible, of course.

The Roma is the most "affordable" Italian Stallion and is sold as a grand tourer. Yes, it has a 3.9-liter twin-turbocharged V8 that produces 612 horsepower, but it also has four seats. You can't actually fit people in the rear, but it's the idea that counts.

Crucially, Ferrari softened the suspension of the Portofino-based Roma so an owner can spend hours cruising without having to visit a chiropractor afterward.


The car's design reflects its relaxed ethos, and, to be fair, the brown and copper tones do make the Roma's lines pop beautifully. The owner kept the rest of the exterior modest, opting for the basic five twin-spoke alloys and standard silver brake calipers.

According to Ferrari, the vintage feel of the exterior is also expressed on the inside. The customer went for premium dark leather with Alcantara inserts. These seat inserts contrast beautifully with the somber interior thanks to copper pinstripes. The same copper color is also used on the dashboard and center console.

Our favorite touch is the African Ebony Wood placed just below the touchscreen interface and gear selector. According to Ferrari, the old African wood juxtaposes with the modern Alcantara.

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