Ferrari Taking Orders for 458 Monte Carlo

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Who needs to see a car before buying? Not the customers who have reportedly already placed their orders for the upcoming hardcore Ferrari 458.

We couldn't imagine ever buying a car without driving it first, much less even seeing it. But that practice is all too common in the six- and seven-figure supercar market. When it comes to these high-priced exotic machines, the entire year's (or even lifecycle's) production run can already be spoken for before the car is even revealed. According to the latest reports, Ferrari has already started taking orders for its upcoming 458 Monte Carlo. What is the 458 Monte Carlo, you ask?

The name is tipped to be applied to the upcoming hardcore version of the existing 458 Italia and the successor to the 430 Scuderia and 360 Challenge Stradale. Just how many orders Ferrari has taken (if any) hasn't been confirmed, but lest you think Maranello has already shown the car to private customers before accepting checks, even that has reportedly yet to take place. An exclusive preview for select clientele isn't expected until later this year. By the time the Monte Carlo (as it's tipped to be named) is publicly unveiled in Frankfurt come September, who knows how many Ferrari will have already pre-sold.

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