Ferrari Teases New Sports Car With A Promise

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Could this be the new V6 hybrid?

Ferrari isn't the type of car company that struggles to drum up excitement for its new offerings. Yet the Italian purveyor of exotic street metal has just released the below video. In it, FDA Esports Driver and 2019 Pro Series World Champion David Tonizza, who races in simulations, repeatedly talks about what makes a car fun to drive. By focusing on something that is traditionally more the arena of something like a Porsche, it seems that Ferrari is preparing its fans and customers for a divergence from tradition.

With that in mind, could the teaser be for Maranello's new V6 hybrid sports car?


Reports suggest that the replacement for the F8 Tributo will be something special and could even be christened Dino. We've also heard that it may borrow power from the Maserati MC20, but Maserati's chief engineer has said that "the Nettuno is built only for the MC20, so you will only see it in that car." Assuming that this is true, it's quite likely that Ferrari will rework the engine and call it something else - only time will tell. Fortunately, there isn't too much of a wait ahead of us as Ferrari says that the new model will be revealed on June 24, so just over a week from now.


Assuming that this is indeed the replacement for the F8, it will almost certainly be more powerful. The current F8 produces 710 horsepower and 568 lb-ft of torque, so expect the new car to better that, possibly with as much as 800 hp. The fact that Ferrari continually mentions the phrase "fun to drive" suggests that this will be a playful sports car with power at the rear axle and great balance. We'll report back on the 24th, but in the meantime, everything we know about the new baby Fezza and what it might look like can be found here.


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