Ferrari Tells All About the California T

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Following its official unveiling, get a front-row look at the newest Ferrari out there.

If our live photos of the Ferrari California T's debut at the Geneva Motor Show weren't enough, the company has just a released a series of videos that delve into the car's production, technical spec, design and performance – providing everything you need to know about the hot new Italian. The first Ferrari turbo in more than 25 years, Ferrari knows this will be a hard sell for some naturally-aspirated enthusiasts. So - sit back and let them try to sell it to you.

First off, this is the official video for the new car, with plenty of details and fresh looks at the Italian beauty.

Next up, this video focuses on the California T's new powertrain, for all you doubters out there.

While nobody doubts that this car is a beauty, why not have another look at its fresh exterior design.

What does it feel like in the driver's seat? Check this video out for a look at the cabin interior.

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