Ferrari to Auction 599XX Evo for Earthquake Victims

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Online auction hopes to raise money for families affected by recent earthquakes that have devastated areas of northern Italy.

A series of devastating earthquakes struck northern Italy over the past few days, and in order to raise funds for families affected Ferrari has set up an online auction with various rare items up for sale. Included is the new Ferrari 599XX Evo, which is the most extreme 599 ever made, along with a V8 Formula 1 engine, race suits & helmets donated by F1 drivers Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa, and various memorabilia from historical works racing cars.

A selection of products from the Ferrari store, including Prancing Horse watches, are also being put up for sale. A press release from Ferrari stated: "As soon as news about the earthquakes came out, Ferrari clients and collectors from around the world spontaneously contacted the Maranello headquarters to offer their contributions. Once again the generosity of Ferrari's enthusiasts will enable the company to provide support to those most hit by the tragedy."

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