Ferrari To Keep Its Place In The Market

Maserati will have the job of competing with Porsche and Bentlry, and Ferrari will be staying out of the fight.

Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne recently put to rest any rumors that Ferrari might be trying to expand as a brand. Although it had been reported that Ferrari was mulling a sedan and crossover, Marchionne was quoted as saying "Ferrari doesn't play with Bentley and with Porsche, it plays in its own [sand] box." He was also sure to say that Ferrari would keep production below 10,000 units annually, thus maintaining the brand's exclusivity.

Maserati, on the other hand, will be taking the opposite approach. We have already seen their plans for a crossover, and there will soon be a second sedan to join the Quattroporte. The aim is to sell 60,000 units per year with trident badges on them, and they will be following the example set by Porsche in order to do it. Photo displayed is of the Ferrari Pinin Concept.

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